The Architecture of Performance / The Performance of Architecture

4th-Year Architectural Design Studio at the International
Program in Design and Architecture (INDA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Studio Professor - Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Friday, January 31, 2014

Performance Space Precedents, by Smith Wararatchai

Each of the precedents were analysed and compared under four topics : nested condition, performance space(s), sightline(s), and lighting and acoustic. The projects were also classified into three different categories : concert halls (nested buildings) or buildings that contains more than one performance space and other facilities, urban theatre - projects that generate community within itself, and stand alone performance spaces - projects such as arena or stadium that mainly functions as performance space only. From this phase, I have drawn interesting ideas such as the idea of social dynamic within the spaces shaped by the facades as well as creating a community within the building itself.


Harpa Concert Hall
- This precedent mainly focus on how the design can reflect the city and the surrounding context. It also deals alot with the idea of light spaces (glass facade) and rigid spaces (concert halls).

Beijing National Centre of Performing Arts
- This precedent also deals alot with the idea of having the glass facade shaping the secondary spaces in between the primary spaces.


Palias Garnier
- This Opera house is not only the icon for the city but as well as the public center built for both performing arts and socialization.

Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts
- This building focus mainly on the open-air auditorium located in the middle of the building. The space functions as a route where students walk pass as well as become the scenic box framing the city.

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                                          STAND-ALONE PERFORMANCE SPACE

Zenith Hall
- The Zenith Hall is designed from the concept of trying to give the best view to all audiences, resulting in an oval shape. The building also serves as a light architecture by using a textile membrane, when lit up, it projects the interior to the exterior.

Ark Nova
- Ark Nova is a mobile theatre aim to travel around areas that were destroyed by the Tsunami disaster in Japan. The idea of the project aims to help comfort the people as well as bring the community together.