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4th-Year Architectural Design Studio at the International
Program in Design and Architecture (INDA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Studio Professor - Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Monday, February 10, 2014

Shenzhen Site Analysis: Cei Wu Wei - Urban Village, By Ekkrit Suwanwong and Smith Wararatchai

Cei Wu Wei - is a portion of urban village in the Luoho district of Shenzhen urban area. It is an area with historical background as an urban village, which is the residential community of migrants existing parallel to the area being developed as the main 'financial' district of the city. The timeline presents the swiftly changing transformation of the area. 

1. Timeline
2. Elevation photomontage to scale
link to high resolution file 1. 2.
3. 1938 - Agriculture land and Fishing Village along the Shenzhen River
link to high resolution file 3.
4. 1950 - the development has moved with the new governmental office settlement from the west district 'Bao an', resulting the extension of avenue to the Cei Wu Wei area
link to high resolution file 4.
5. West to East - a strategic relocation of neighboring Hongkong Border
link to high resolution file 5.
6. and 7.  During the settlement of financial district, local farmland owner turns their lands into residential units, resulting in urban villages formation and creating 
'Handshake Building', (overlapping units adjacent)
link to high resolution file 6.and 7.
8. 1980 - Migration of 'Hukou' or the local official population causes the increase of population size
link to high resolution file 8.
9. Hokous mainly come from the central part of China
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9. Age of working population 
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10. since 1980s - Cei wu wei land is replaced with development of high business and residential buildings 
link to high resolution file 9.
11. and 12. Specific architecture is built to represent as an iconic piece which has economic, political and social impacts to the modern society of Shenzhen
link to high resolution file 11 and 12.
13. and 14.  at Present day- zones of space are transformed in which residential/local commercial zone are invading by the 'new' or official financial district, and resulting the contrast of urban planning and the social effects
link to high resolution file 11 and 12.

From the study, we have come up with the further questions to the Cei Wu Wei area. With possible changes in the future, the conflict between the 'residential' and 'financial district'  zones would be the cause of change in both social trends and urban fabric.