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Studio Professor - Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shenzhen Site Analysis: Shekou Industrial Zone, by Bunyawat Thannipat and Suthiwat Yanawiboot

Shekou = "Snake's Head"
An Expatriate Community in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.
Coastal manufacturing and cargo shipping, developed from a fishing village to the highest industrial movements within 30 years.
Developed by China Merchants Group since 1970s.
More than half of populations are the expats, came in since 1980s.

Timeline of Shekou from 1970s - Future Plan.

International transportation : Ferry Port to HongKong and Macau, Road from HongKong.
Road Connectivity to nearby districts.
Industrial Zone - Residential Zone - Commercial Zone

Shekou Residential District Zoning

Mass Transits : Connection of BUS and MRT train stations
between Industrial Zone and Residential District.

Building Typology

Villages - In - The - City
How this cluster of buildings are settled and situated by the old and new developments.

City Park and Green Space

Density Radius
The density of buildings from the city center to outward direction.

Daily Transitory : Residents commutation
by Ferry Port and 2 Road immigrations to Shenzhen City.

(from left to right)

Types of population in Shekou
Migrant (Chinese)
Expat (Foreigner)
Hukuo (Local as Permanent Registration)

Expat Habitation in Shenzhen City
Comparing between Shekou District, Overseas China Town District,
Futian District and Luohu District.

Shenzhen Population Dynamic
Extremely growth of the populations since 1979-2010
Raise approximately from 300,000 - 10,000,000 in only 30 years

Attracting areas of expats habitation in Shekou Residential District

Future Developments
Sea World
- By The China Merchants Group + Local Government developing the city center.
- Western-style complex locates around "Minghua" ship to flavor the majority population of expats.

Prince Bay Cruise Terminal
- Develop to attract more tourists and to upgrade the existing ferry port to an international level.
- Proceed with land reclaimation.
- Includes residential buildings, shopping complex, ferry port and other facilities.