The Architecture of Performance / The Performance of Architecture

4th-Year Architectural Design Studio at the International
Program in Design and Architecture (INDA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Studio Professor - Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Friday, March 21, 2014

Manifesto for Performance Space Design, by Bunyawat Thannipat

The concept of this project is to renovate an industrial space in Shekou (specifically the fish market) into a cultural space that still preserves the existing atmosphere of the industrial processes. According to site studies, Shekou is a district that is now renovating existing industrial spaces and developing them into public cultural spaces, which creates a sense of the combination of industrial and cultural.

The cultural center will consist of a main hall, theatre, gallery, exhibition area and also combine the existing ice factory and fish market to preserve the fish market area as well. People will also be able to experience how the ice factory and fish market system work as they walk around the cultural center. Each circulation path within the cultural center will have a difference sequence of experiencing sound, materiality, and performance and it will give a sense of the development pattern of Shekou.